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Protected: Hosting a placement pupil for the first time

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Thing 3: Consider your professional brand

I’ve thought about my ‘branding’ this evening. Hmm. I don’t want it to be about me, I’d like it to be about what I bring to the library world. But this is something I’m stillĀ  developing at the moment, very much in its infancy in terms of vocalising my contribution to the community. I’ll talk about it with my Mentor, explore more blogs and come back to this post in due course…so watch this space šŸ™‚

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Thing 2: Investagating other CPD23 blogs

I’ve spent the afternoon browsing my fellow-cpd23-participants’ blogs, and really enjoyed myself. It looks like most of us are in the same boat, and nothing I will write here (for the next few posts at least!) will be particularly new or original: we’re all fabulous librarians, forging our online professional identities in the safe playing pen offered by CPD23 šŸ˜‰Ā  – although I must say I also recognized a few (equally wonderful) seasoned 2.0 librarians on the list!

From what I gather,Ā  it’s all about our individual reflective library journeys, and the process of creatingĀ  a worthy online presence is only valid when we experience itĀ  first hand, so here goes!

I noticed that cpd23 blogs tend to die when the course is over. At this point in time, I hope my blog will survive bothĀ  the course and my Chartership – I’m hoping this is the beginning of a lifelong reflective platform for my experience of librarianship. But who knows, by the end of the course I might even be bold enough to create a second blog! Anyway, I’m looking forward to interacting with you all over the next few months, as we blog our way through the course.

Good luck everyone!

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Hello world, and CPD23 Participants!

Thing 1: Welcome to my very first blog!

I have just registered for CPD 23, and I am very excited. I started my Chartership earlier in 2012, and I came across the CPD23 course during my quest for developing a new habit of reflective writing about everything I do professionally (and a very welcome suggestion from one of my mentors!). Overtime, I expect to become better at reflective writing, and I hope that interaction with other librarian bloggers (let’s be honest, at this stage, I don’t expect anyone else to be reading this ;-)) will contribute to making the library world a better place. I haven’t read anyone else’s CPD23 blog yet, I’ll be exploring this shortly in Thing 2! At this stage, I foresee that my blog will contain reviews I write of books relating to the library profession, and reflective narrations of continuous professional developmentĀ  I take part in. Happy CPD everyone!

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