Thing 2: Investagating other CPD23 blogs

24 Jun

I’ve spent the afternoon browsing my fellow-cpd23-participants’ blogs, and really enjoyed myself. It looks like most of us are in the same boat, and nothing I will write here (for the next few posts at least!) will be particularly new or original: we’re all fabulous librarians, forging our online professional identities in the safe playing pen offered by CPD23 😉  – although I must say I also recognized a few (equally wonderful) seasoned 2.0 librarians on the list!

From what I gather,  it’s all about our individual reflective library journeys, and the process of creating  a worthy online presence is only valid when we experience it  first hand, so here goes!

I noticed that cpd23 blogs tend to die when the course is over. At this point in time, I hope my blog will survive both  the course and my Chartership – I’m hoping this is the beginning of a lifelong reflective platform for my experience of librarianship. But who knows, by the end of the course I might even be bold enough to create a second blog! Anyway, I’m looking forward to interacting with you all over the next few months, as we blog our way through the course.

Good luck everyone!

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