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Catching Up!

I cannot believe it has been  4 months since I last posted here! This is what I was hoping to change about my writing habits by joining CPD23, i.e. little and often, rather than lots of doing-without-writing followed by near-hyperactive periods of lots and lots of writing. Obviously, I still have my work cut out for me!

The Portfolio Building event in Aberdeen – advertised previously on this blog – went well, and I have lots to write about. Starting with a follow up on Thing 3: regarding my professional branding, I have tweaked my Twitter description to these few words: Happy Librarian, working towards Chartership, CILIPS NE Newsletter Editor, Language lover, Lifelong learner 🙂  For the rest, I am finding that the Chartership process is allowing me to create plenty reflective space for myself as to how I want to develop professionally, and I will come back to this, possibly several times, on this blog.



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