Hello world, and CPD23 Participants!

Thing 1: Welcome to my very first blog!

I have just registered for CPD 23, and I am very excited. I started my Chartership earlier in 2012, and I came across the CPD23 course during my quest for developing a new habit of reflective writing about everything I do professionally (and a very welcome suggestion from one of my mentors!). Overtime, I expect to become better at reflective writing, and I hope that interaction with other librarian bloggers (let’s be honest, at this stage, I don’t expect anyone else to be reading this ;-)) will contribute to making the library world a better place. I haven’t read anyone else’s CPD23 blog yet, I’ll be exploring this shortly in Thing 2! At this stage, I foresee that my blog will contain reviews I write of books relating to the library profession, and reflective narrations of continuous professional developmentĀ  I take part in. Happy CPD everyone!

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